How balloon sinuplasty can help

Do you suffer from moderate to severe chronic sinus issues? Are sinus headaches a major part of your daily life? Do you struggle with a lingering cough that won’t seem to go away? Then you may be part of a large segment of over 30 million Americans that suffer from chronic sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis can be a debilitating condition where the lining of your sinuses becomes inflamed or swollen. This usually happens because of bacteria, viruses, allergies, or other contaminants. Do you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area and experience some of the symptoms associated with chronic sinusitis?

If you do, then you know how easily this condition can have a domino effect on your life. Chronic Sinusitis can cause problems with your mental focus, negatively affect your job performance, and make everyday life miserable. While acute sinusitis will usually correct itself after several weeks, chronic sinusitis causes continuous discomfort, pain, and stress.

However, there is hope. Balloon Sinuplasty is a treatment that is proven to be simple, effective, long-lasting, and the best part—covered by most insurance providers, even Medicare! Additionally, Advanced Sinus Relief Centers offers our balloon sinuplasty treatment in-office giving Phoenix area residents the opportunity to avoid the hassle and fees that come along with hospital visits.

Meet Our Providers

Jonathan Wiggenhorn, DO, FAOCO

Most doctors don’t experience first-hand many of the conditions they treat, but Dr. Wiggenhorn is the exception. Having battled severe allergies and chronic sinusitis personally, he is able to deliver knowledgeable and compassionate care to his patients. “I know how it feels to have your quality of life altered by severe allergy symptoms,” he says, “and I also can tell you there are things we can do to make a difference in how you feel! This is why I have dedicated myself to finding the best individualized solution for each patient”.

Blanca Olivia Pena, MSPAS, PA-C

Blanca Olivia Pena, MSPAS, PA-C. has practiced Otolaryngology for over seven years, and has gained valuable Ear, Nose and Throat experience that she uses to deliver valuable patient care. Relocating to Arizona in July of 2020 to join Estrella Ear, Nose and Throat and she looks forward to providing quality care to the Arizona community with the Estrella team.

Simran Kaur, DNP, NP-C

Not everyone knows what they wanted to do as a child, but Simran is a rare exception. Working in the medical field since high school, she graduated magna cum laude from Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University with a BS in Nursing. She then earned both a Master of Science and Doctorate in Nursing through Grand Canyon University. She enjoys practicing in both adult and pediatric settings. Philosophically, she cares for the whole person and is committed to educating patients on how they can help themselves lead healthier lives by optimizing their involvement in their own healthcare.

Find Out If Balloon Sinuplasty is Right For You.

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Experienced Ear, Nose, and Throat Providers

Correcting The Issue With Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is the pain-free treatment for chronic sinusitis that is changing lives. Performed right here in our Phoenix area office, this simple procedure takes 20 minutes to deliver permanent relief. As the name implies, a small balloon is inserted into the affected sinuses and then inflated. When the balloon inflates it restores your sinuses to the opening to their appropriate shape.

“Dr. Wiggenhorn is wonderful. Went to someone else prior and after a messy insurance issue had to switch. So glad I did, he is MUCH more thorough and professional. I felt very comfortable undergoing my surgical procedure. Office staff extremely helpful as well. I would highly recommend his practice.”

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Say Goodbye To Sinusitis!​

With the shape of your sinuses restored you will experience proper airflow because your sinus cavities are no longer obstructed. This will relieve the symptoms you’ve suffered from as well as prevent future infections. No more temporary fixes or learning to just “deal with it.” 

Breathe easy again with balloon sinuplasty from Advanced Sinus Relief Centers. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!