Allergies, or allergic rhinitis, are as common immune condition with over 50 million Americans affected. In many cases, allergies elicit minor symptoms such as an itchy nose, watery eyes, or congestion.

However, in some cases, allergies can be debilitating or even fatal as with some food allergies. 

Our allergy team is deep with experience in discovering allergies. We provide each patient with an allergy test that narrows down the specific allergens that are causing your symptoms. From there, we will work with you to find the best treatment options for your case. Our ultimate goal is to help our patients get the allergy relief they need and improve their quality of life. 

Allergies run rampant in Phoenix due to the dry air and dusty environment, but you don’t have to suffer through allergies. Dr. Wiggenhorn understands the frustration patients go through as he suffers from allergies as well. He knows all too well the symptoms of allergies that you’re seeking relief from and the understanding of your condition you want. Find allergy relief today. Visit our Phoenix allergy clinic and expert team will help you get back to living your life, comfortably.


What Causes Allergies or Allergic Responses?

Allergies, medically known as Allergic Rhinitis is an immune disorder where the body picks up on the presence of foreign substances known as allergens. Allergens can be everything from dust, pollen, or aerosols, to certain foods or substances such as peanuts or lime juice. 

The allergic reaction originates within the immune system—it treats harmless allergens as something threatening. When that happens the body releases a substance into the bloodstream known as histamine. You probably know that term if you’ve ever shopped for OTC allergy medicine and seen antihistamines.

It’s because of your sinuses, which are air-filled membranes within your skull in the facial area near the brow. They are connected to your nasal passages by a series of tubes or channels that are collectively known as the osteomeatal complex. Because of this complex, air can flow from your nose into the sinuses. This in turn makes it possible for mucous to drain from the sinuses into your nose. 

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How Do You Treat Allergies?

At our Advance Sinus Relief Center allergy clinic, we perform an allergy test to determines what triggers a patient’s allergy symptoms. We then have several methods available to treat specific allergies. Generally, we recommend a trilateral treatment program involving:

  • Avoiding known allergens
  • Medication
  • Immunotherapy (allergy shots or sublingual allergy drops)

What About Food Allergies?

Food allergies typically develop over time although some we can be born with such as celiac disease and others. In the food we eat, much of it is processed in most American diets. That leaves the potential for common allergens to sneak in unknowingly. However, many of these allergens may pose no threat to you at all—at the present. 

Food allergy treatment is initially a bilateral approach of food avoidance and a rotation diet. After testing is complete Dr. Wiggenhorn will give you a permanent treatment regimen.

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If You Want Relief From Allergies
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