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How Our Sinuses Work

Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you are congested your nasal passage feels clogged when lying down? You stand up and it seems to clear up a bit and you can breathe better. Do you ever wonder why that is?

These symptoms are a result of your sinuses, which are air-filled membranes within your skull in the facial area near the brow. They are connected to your nasal passages by a series of tubes or channels that are collectively known as the osteomeatal complex. Because of this complex, air can flow from your nose into the sinuses. This in turn makes it possible for mucus to drain from the sinuses into your nose. 

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When do Sinuses Develop?

Sinuses start to develop early on in life and begin as a small pocket-like membrane within your skull. As you mature, this pocket gradually grows larger and expands allowing it to fill with air, The air exchange occurs between the nose and the sinuses via the series of tubes mentioned previously. This exchange happens continuously and sometimes can be obstructed which is where sinus problems can begin. 

The osteomeatal channel, varies in size and shape from person to person but still performs in the same manner. However, the difference in size or shape can significantly impact the ability of this complex to function efficiently. 

Find Freedom Today With Sinus Relief

It could develop too narrow and become easily obstructed when sick with colds, viruses, allergies, and other conditions. When you have healthy sinuses, you get a consistent air exchange and mucous flow in unison. Everyone has four major sinuses on either side of your face—Maxillary, Sphenoid, Ethmoid, and Frontal. Each of these sinuses has only one nasal passage connection and work efficiently in tandem. However, if your sinuses are malformed, or become blocked you can develop a condition called Sinusitis. or the connection from the sinus to the nose, can also vary substantially in its length or width. This difference can impact greatly on the ability of this channel to function properly. It may be very narrow or tortuous and therefore easily become blocked by swollen tissue such as occurs with colds, viruses. allergies or Sinusitis. Healthy sinuses have a constant exchange of air and simultaneous flow of mucous out.  Each sinus cavity has ONLY one connection to our nasal passage. We have 4 major sinuses on each side. Frontal, Ethmoid, Maxillary and Sphenoid. Blockage of their channels, partial or complete, by either structural conditions or swollen membranes is the root cause of most sinus issues.

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Find Out If Balloon Sinuplasty is Right For You.

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