Augmented Reality For Sinus Surgery

Advanced Sinus Relief Centers is consistently at the forefront of sinus procedure technology. That is why we are proud to offer our patients Target Guided Surgery (TGS) navigation system from Stryker. With Stryker being a world-class leader in the development of sinus surgery technology—it’s only fitting that we mastered it. 

Our patients experience an even more accurate balloon sinuplasty surgery experience with this augmented reality solution. Our driving force has always been to offer the most advanced treatments using cutting-edge technology. The Stryker TGS system does not disappoint.

Groundbreaking Technology. Impeccable Accuracy.

This new technology from Stryker uses augmented reality hardware including an endoscopic camera, coupled with augmented reality software. This marriage of high-tech hardware and software adds a guided path for surgical tools to pass through. This technology adds a new and expandable layer of accuracy for the utmost safety. As a result, balloon sinuplasty at Advanced Sinus Relief Centers is among the least invasive, most precise, and most selective options in the southwest.

So, what are the specific benefits of Stryker’s TGS navigation system during your procedure? Honestly, an entire medical journal could be written about the benefits but the biggest benefits include:

Surgical foresight and planning

Building Blocks—The TGS planning software uses the power of 3D rendering software to allow us more foresight into your nasal passage and sinuses. By using a fully rendered model, we can analyze and draw up an access plan that’s customized to your anatomy. Keep in mind, all of this happens before the surgery even does—it’s mapping out your surgery before it even happens.

nasal obstructions

Augmented reality

The TGS software’s crucial feature is the use of augmented reality (AR) This AR software can display a graphic overlay of important guides and other data over real-time video and imagery of your anatomy. Augmented reality software and hardware setups have drastically improved the surgery procedure for both the patient and the surgeon. The future looks very promising, and at Advanced Sinus Center, we expect nothing less.

Come In And See The Advantage For Yourself

If you are interested in seeing how the TGS navigation system can improve the accuracy of your balloon sinuplasty procedure—book an appointment. We’ll be happy to schedule you and answer any questions you may have.