ClariFix Treatment For Chronic Rhinitis

Rhinitis is the medical term for inflammation of the inner lining of the nose. Most often caused by allergies, rhinitis can also be triggered by other causes such as: pregnancy, medications, poor air quality, smoking, asthma and chronic sinusitis.

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ClariFix Effectively Treats the Symptoms of Rhinitis.

Millions of Americans suffer in silence with chronic rhinitis. One of the symptoms of chronic rhinitis is persistent nasal drainage. This, often frustrating, condition is not always treatable with medications such as drops and sprays, which are often the first indication that symptoms are chronic in nature. However, finding relief is achievable with a treatment known as ClariFix™:

This treatment results in limited downtime for the patient, making it a convenient and effective option for sufferers of chronic rhinitis. If your quality of life is being affected by the symptoms of chronic rhinitis, let Advanced Sinus Relief Centerss provide a long lasting solution that will help you breathe easier.


Combined Treatments for Better Breathing

Chronic sinusitis is another condition that is closely associated with rhinitis. This condition causes inflammation in the lining of the sinuses, causing a poor flow of mucus into the nose. Advanced Sinus Relief Centers can treat both conditions with options like ClariFix and balloon sinuplasty.

Benefits Of ClariFix

ClariFix is a popular treatment with our patients for many its many benefits including:

Extremely Safe

It is proven to be safe for patients of all ages

No Special Facility Needed

Performed here in our office

Minimal Discomfort

Topical and local anesthesia is included

Long-Lasting Results

Results and relief is long-lasting in nearly all patient cases

Get Rid Of Your Chronic Rhinitis With ClariFix

If you’re tired of suffering from the constant postnasal 

drip, congestion, and other symptoms of chronic rhinitis—contact us! We can get you the relief you’re seeking here at Advanced Sinus Relief Centers.