IV Sedation

Have you been doing your research and considering balloon sinuplasty to treat your chronic sinusitis? What’s holding you back from taking the next step and booking an appointment to get the procedure? 

Are you nervous about the procedure? You probably answered yes—and if you did, you’re the one that needs to continue reading this.

If your anxiety or nervousness about the balloon sinuplasty procedure is keeping you from getting the relief you need—we can fix that.

At Advance Sinus Relief Center, we accommodate patients with many different special needs but the most common is anxiety. Everything from anxiety about doctors, about surgery, or anxiety about pain—we resolve that easily.

Our Intravenous (IV) sedation therapy is the perfect, calming solution for our patients that struggle with a high level of anxiety. This not only makes the procedure a breeze for you, but it also ensures we can perform the procedure to the best of our abilities.

IV Sedation For Balloon Sinuplasty

While balloon sinuplasty is minimally invasive and painless, it does deal with a sensitive part of the body—your nose. Most of our anxious patients will tend to have natural reflexes when undergoing a procedure of this nature, even with a local anesthetic. 

Rather than put yourself through that stress and anxiety, simply take our optional IV sedation treatment before the procedure begins. During the procedure, you will experience a sensation known as “twilight sleep.” This is a term to describe a state of semi-consciousness or “half-awake.” 

You can communicate with the doctor and respond to questions just in a very trance-like state of consciousness. That differs greatly from general anesthesia where you would be completely unconscious throughout the treatment. 

Being unconscious for the procedure is not our goal with IV sedation—it is to induce calmness and an anxiety-free experience. Advance Sinus Relief Center is one of the few sinus treatment centers that offer this service. We believe it is an absolute necessity to have our patients’ experiences be soothing and relaxed.


There’s No Reason To Put Your Relief On Hold Any Longer

Don’t sacrifice your relief from chronic sinusitis over the anxiety that we can treat accordingly, in-office. Balloon sinuplasty is a very simple three-step procedure that does not induce any pain and is minimally invasive. Therefore, if anxiety is your only hurdle—we have your solution.

Contact us today to book your no-worries appointment and get the relief you need.