Latera Implant For Nasal Airway Obstruction

Experience Breathing Without Complications

Do you always feel like someone is holding your nose when you breathe? Do basic exercise or leisure activities leave you feeling breathless? You might be suffering from nasal airway obstruction and Latera might be right for you.

Signs You May Have Nasal Airway Obstruction:

Persistent Congestion

Trouble breathing through the nose


Lightheaded when exercising

Shortness of breath

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these, you’re in the company of over 20 million Americans suffering from nasal airway obstruction.

What Is Nasal Airway Obstruction?

Nasal airway obstruction is a medical condition where one or both nasal passages are obstructed. This condition prevents a normal level of airflow through the nasal passage. The condition as mentioned affects over 20 million and can be quite severe. 

The obstruction can be due to an abnormality in the structure of the nasal passage obstructing a significant amount of airflow. However, it can also be caused by inflammation and swelling of the nasal passage. 

The air that travels to your lungs is predominantly carried by the nasal passages—about 70%. So, when the nasal passages are obstructed, it can lead to other problems—some quite serious.


Latera Is The Ideal Solution

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Latera is a nasal implant that is completely absorbable. It is used to support the cartilage in the sidewall of your nose, called the lateral. This extra support may lessen the obstruction symptoms thus allowing fewer complications when breathing. This implant is carefully inserted inside your nasal wall by our doctors and is minimally invasive with a quick recovery. 

While Latera may help you breathe easier and with more capacity, it does so with no cosmetic changes.  The Latera implant procedure has delivered impressive results regarding improving patients’ quality of life.  In recent studies, the data showed that patients experienced a significant reduction in nasal obstruction symptoms. All of this improvement without any negative cosmetic side effects.


What Can You Accomplish With Latera?

If you’re being held back by your nasal airway obstruction, you can free yourself. Imagine all of the things you could do if not hindered. Contact us today and get back into life with Latera!