Low Radiation In-Office CT

Advanced Sinus Relief Centers is a consistent leader when it comes to the latest technology in sinus CT.  Utilizing an in-office scanner called The Mini CAT ™, we can offer high-precision imaging with far less radiation than traditional CT scans. We have always set ourselves apart in the field by bringing all necessary services in-house. 

This results in expedited treatment, convenience, and a quicker turnaround time for diagnostics. Many times, we can schedule your imaging and your follow-up to occur in one visit. By keeping everything streamlined and on-site, we feel this gives us an advantage in explaining your case and treatment options to you. 

The CT scan uses a rotary x-ray device paired with a computer and captures a detailed cross-section of your sinuses in 3D. The way the scans are displayed is layered allowing the Dr. to look at each section individually. This gives the most detailed and broadest image of the surface possible. When all layers are combined, the image produces a 3D image.

The best thing about The Mini Cat ™ device is that it is fast—it typically generates imaging in under 20 seconds.

Why Do You Need A CT Scan?

A CT scan is a valuable tool to help assist Dr. Wiggenhorn before and during your procedure. A lot of conditions can look similar to sinus issues and the CT scan ensures an accurate diagnosis.  After the exam, the Dr. will review your CT with you immediately after it’s done. He’ll then use the data gathered from the scan to determine the best course of action for you. 

Is The CT Scan Covered By Insurance?

Advanced Sinus Relief Centers works with many insurance providers to ensure patients get the access they need to quality care. If you have specific questions regarding coverage for the CT scan, we strongly advise speaking with your carrier before the exam date. Our office staff makes it a point to try and have all CT scans approved by your insurance carrier before the exam and scan.



There’s No Reason To Put Your Relief On Hold Any Longer

Don’t sacrifice your relief from chronic sinusitis over the anxiety that we can treat accordingly, in-office. Balloon sinuplasty is a very simple three-step procedure that does not induce any pain and is minimally invasive. Therefore, if anxiety is your only hurdle—we have your solution.

Contact us today to book your no-worries appointment and get the relief you need.