Propel Sinus Stent

Minimally invasive sinusitis surgery is the most effective type of treatment for chronic sinusitis. This is because rather than treating the diseased or obstructive tissue for inflammation—it is just removed. 

However, since the sinusitis is chronic, inflammation tends to remain ongoing thus creating scar tissue. This scar tissue can easily block sinuses again, prompting yet another surgery to fix the same chronic issue. PROPEL seeks to offer longer-term relief for patients by treating and decreasing recurring inflammation proactively.

After all, the reason patients seek surgery is for long-term relief. Surgery is neither convenient nor comfortable and often is a source of anxiety and stress for many.

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PROPEL + Surgery Is A Winning Combination

The PROPEL stent treatment is an important breakthrough in the medical field to treat inflammation after sinusitis surgery. Many patients are understandably excited about PROPEL and all of the promises it delivers.

It Opens Your Sinuses

PROPEL is a small, innovative, type of stent device developed specifically for sinusitis sufferers. Post-surgery, it expands to keep your sinus open. This allows proper airflow and mucus drainage so your sinuses can operate as they’re designed to.

It Delivers Medicine On Contact

PROPEL sinus stent is equipped with a supply of highly-effective anti-inflammatory medication. The stent applies it directly to the affected area only in a controlled manner. This aids in keeping inflammation to a minimum and preventing scarring that can cause a blockage.

It Conveniently Dissolves When Empty

As PROPEL sinus stent administers the medication it dissolves a bit each time it does. It usually takes about 30-45 days to fully dissolve. Alternatively, it can be safely and painlessly removed at any time if you choose to do so. It is recommended however to let the PROPEL run its course for ideal results.

It Maintains The Correction Of Your Surgery

PROPEL sinus stent is not only aimed at treating inflammation it’s also clinically proven to maintain the corrections made by surgery. This results in lower odds of needing a repeat surgery or oral steroids later down the road.

It’s Unnoticeable And Comfortable

PROPEL sinus stent is unnoticeable to both the patient and other people. It’s made of ultra-lightweight materials. In most patients, they don’t even feel the device so there is no nasal tickle or anything like that. Combined with the unique dissolving nature of PROPEL, it gives you greater peace of mind.

Get The Most From Your Sinusitis Surgery With PROPEL

If you want to get the best results from your sinusitis surgery you need the PROPEL sinus stent. Studies have shown it to be highly effective and safe. Contact us today to get the relief you need once and for all.