Sinus Headache

Most people have had the unpleasant experience of a sinus headache but how many know what that means? In fact, over 80% of “sinus headache” cases end up being self-diagnosed as such but are actually a migraine. Just because a migraine is accompanied by nasal issues, doesn’t make it a sinus issue. A true sinus headache occurs with the lining of your sinus tubes or ducts that connect the sinus to the nose gets inflamed. This inflammation prevents the sinuses from draining properly and blocks your sinuses. With that blockage, pressure builds up and that’s when the headache occurs.

Have sinus headaches?

As that swelling and inflammation are occurring, your body releases more mucus and fluids. Why? The sinuses flush out bacteria by producing extra mucus when you are sick. Mucus is also produced at times to trap an infection. The increased mucus compounded by the blockage puts pressure on the sinus walls, creating pain. 

sinus headache
acute sinus headache relief

What causes sinus headaches?

A sinus inflammation, also known as Sinusitis can be triggered by a viral infection. However, it can also be caused by an allergic reaction like hay fever for example. Let’s clear something up though, hay fever has nothing to do with hay. It’s technically a case of Allergic Rhinitis—just a fancy medical term for inflammation of the nose. 

The inflammation causes swelling and increased mucus production as the sinus attempts to flush itself out. However, due to the blockage mentioned above—drainage becomes impossible or very restricted. The combination of inflammation and excess fluid without drainage puts significant pressure on the sinuses and causes the headache as discussed.

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