Are you dealing with trouble breathing through your nose, chronic snoring, fatigue, and interrupted sleep? You are more than likely one of the many Americans struggling with the difficulties of nasal obstruction. VivAer® can help.

Nasal obstruction is typically a result of a blockage caused by a deformity within the nose that hinders airflow. Due to this condition, you may feel “stopped up,” or congested to which home remedies only offer temporary relief if any. The only time you get true, lasting relief is when your nasal passage is freed of that blockage.

Typical Symptoms of Nasal Obstruction:

Difficulty breathing through the nose

Difficulty breathing through the nose

Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion

Trouble Sleeping

Trouble Sleeping

Trouble breathing during physical activities

Trouble breathing during physical activities

VivAer®—Surgery-Free Relief That Lasts

Nasal obstruction is a very common condition that is often misdiagnosed—leading many to never get relief. However, that has substantially changed thanks to dedicated research and advancements in treatment options. Now, at Advanced Sinus Relief Centers, you can get the lasting relief you’ve been wanting—without surgery. 

You read that right—there is no surgery involved with the revolutionary VivAer® procedure that can give you the freedom to breathe again. If you’ve tried other options to correct nasal obstruction without results or lasting relief—this is your notice.

You Now Have a Real Solution

With the VivAer® procedure to remove the nasal obstruction, you get a multitude of benefits:

Lasting Relief

Over 96% of VivAer® patient’s procedures resulted in a substantial improvement in breathing through their nose

Completely Non-Invasive

The procedure, unlike other treatments is truly non-invasive with minimal discomfort, zero incisions, and easily performed here in our office.

Improved Quality Of Life

Patients that have undergone the VivAer® treatment have overwhelmingly attested to an improved quality of life. Additionally, they’ve reported that the treatment lasts, unlike many temporary fixes.

Better Breathing = Better Living

VivAer® is proven to have a very high success and satisfaction rate among patients. We consistently get testimonials that highlight how quick the recovery is—the next day in most cases. Also, our patients note that the relief isn’t short-lived, it simply works and lasts.

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of our patients noted a significant increase of nasal airflow when breathing through the nose
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of cases show patients are getting a more solid sleep experience without interruptions from breathing issues.
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of patients have much greater airflow through their nose during vigorous exercise or other physical activities.

What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t suffer through another day with problematic nasal obstruction. Get the unobstructed breathing, improved sleep, and better life you deserve. Contact us today to start breathing freely again with the VivAer® procedure at Advanced Sinus Relief Centers.