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If you’re consistently experiencing sinus issues or if the symptoms become too much to bear, the search for a reliable sinus doctor near me is on. This is who we strive to be for the good people of Arizona.

Are Sinus Problems Affecting Your Quality of Life?

You’re not alone – we understand sinus issues both from an expert and a personal perspective. Sinus problems are frustrating and we’re here to help you overcome them.
Runny or Stuffy Nose
Are you struggling to breathe freely through your nose? Nasal congestion can leave you feeling constantly stuffed up and uncomfortable, making it difficult to go about your day with ease.
Postnasal Drip
Have you been dealing with a sensation of mucus dripping down the back of your throat? This can lead to throat irritation, coughing, and the need to clear your throat frequently.
Are pounding headaches putting a damper on your daily activities? Sinus-related headaches can cause pain in the front of your head, often worsening with movement and changes in weather.

Meet Our Sinus Specialist – Your Partner in Relief

Dr. Jonathan Wiggenhorn, DO, FAOCO

Our lead sinus specialist, Dr. Wiggenhorn, brings beyond a decade’s worth of experience in treating sinusitis. With a track record of success stories, Dr. Wiggenhorn is an expert dedicated to providing relief to chronic sinusitis and allergy patients, having experienced those struggles himself.

Dr. Wiggenhorn believes in a patient-first approach. By combining cutting-edge diagnostic techniques with empathetic care, our team ensures you receive the most effective treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Benefits of a Personalized Sinus Consultation

At Advanced Sinus Relief Centers, our commitment to your well-being starts with our personalized approach. A consultation marks the beginning of our utmost care for your health and treatment for your sinusitis. Your journey to relief is important to us, and we are here to guide you with the expertise and compassion you deserve.
Our ENT specialists can solve your sinus issues with ease, just start with a consultation by filling out our form.

Hear From Our Patients

I had been struggling with chronic sinusitis for two decades that I thought a stuffy nose and the headaches were normal. But after undergoing the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure, I can’t believe I ever lived like that. In just one in-office procedure, it cleared up all the congestion I had been enduring for so long. I can breathe comfortably now. No more facial pain, blocked nose, and pesky headaches. I only wish I found out about this sooner!

Dina, suffered from Chronic Sinusitis

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